• Amanda Michelle Reyes

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Update on Massage Services

"Under the Governor’s Executive Order GA-21 (GA-21), massage establishments must remain closed until further notice. GA-21 also prohibits people from providing services which are not designated as essential or re-opened, including massage therapy.

GA-21 designates healthcare providers, including physicians and chiropractors, as essential. It does not include massage therapists, unless they are providing services determined to be medically necessary by a physician, chiropractor, or other healthcare provider. Massage therapy that is not medically necessary is still not allowed. If a licensed massage therapist performs a medically necessary massage, they must do so in accordance with the massage therapy laws and rules, including the requirement of a consultation document. A medically necessary massage may be performed in the office of a physician or chiropractor or any other place that is exempt from the requirement for a massage establishment license under Texas Occupations Code §455.155."

In other words, you need a doctor's order for a massage service and it can only be provided at a medical doctor's or chiropractor's office.

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